Meetings and Conferences

Whether planning meetings is a large part of your job description or you’ve never before taken on the responsibility, we’re here to help. The Special Event Group has the expertise, the connections and the time to ensure that your event is a positive experience for you and exceeds your attendee’s expectations.

The Special Event Group will handle every or any detail for your local, regional and national professional or medical conferences, trade shows, incentive or recognition meetings. We also help handle new product release promotions, educational conferences, or any public service meetings.

When you work with The Special Event Group, we are here to help you in whatever ways you want and need. We’re available to organize the entire event or help you with any element you choose to delegate to us from lodging, site management or guest speakers to full coordination.

If you’re a seasoned planner- you might benefit from our services as well. We know sometimes you just need an extra set of hands or another bit of input. We can strategize or critique the plan you’ve put together, and even suggest a few new ways to improve the bottom line. Or we can be completely behind the scenes as your assistants. Whatever the reason, we are eager to assist you. We can make your next event or conference an event that is not only a positive experience for attendees, but will make you the organization’s hero while working within or even under budget.

Let Us Help You…

• Assist attendee originating destinations
Help choose a destination and venue that best fits your event
• Conduct physical site review for final selection and recommendations
• Negotiate the best room rates and airfares
• Determine your group’s requirements
• Set overall line item budgets
• Assist with travel arrangements
• Help determine the agenda
• Secure appropriate speakers and entertainers
• Contract with support production, lighting, AV or registration)
• Organize social and side trips for guests and VIP’s
• Coordinate marketing and PR efforts that may be needed
• Provide onsite management and support
• Find, organize and manage caterers and other vendors
• Create a custom website for this event
• Design signage and printed materials
• Set up online registration service… and more!

We Look Forward To Discussing Your Next Meeting Today!