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Who Uses Incentives?

That answer is simple...any company that is trying

to increase and grow their business.

We understand that in these economic times, companies are trying to do whatever they can to increase business. That's why we offer several different types of programs. The Special Event Group can work with you to create an effective incentive/performance improvement solution. We have more than 25 years combined experience developing a range of incentive-based programs for companies in a variety of industries all in need of solving business challenges.

Industries We Serve

Some of the businesses that use travel incentives:


• Advertising

• Apartments

• Autos
• Auto Aftermarket Products and Services
• Banking Services

• Boat Dealers & Manufacturers
• Building materials

• Cable Services   
• Call Centers 

• Carpets and Flooring 
• Casinos 

• Cellular Phones and Services
• Charities 

• Consulting Services– Sales, Marketing, etc.
• Copiers & Office Equipment
• Credit Card Services

• Cruise Bookings 

• Exercise Equipment
• Financial Services


• Furniture

• Health Clubs

Home Improvement Services
• Hospitals and Medical Firms
• Insurance 

• Internet Services
• Investment Services 

• Manufactured Housing  

• Memberships
• Media – Newspapers/ Radio /TV   
• Mortgage Services 

• Motorcycles 
• Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs
• Recreational Vehicles – RVs
• Real Estate  

• Restaurants
• Retail Products 

• Supermarkets
• Timeshares
• Trade Shows.....and the list goes on!


Who Can We Help In Your Company?


For Marketing:

         Increase brand awareness

     Gain marketshare

         Improve customer satisfaction


For Sales:

         Increase sales & employee productivity

         Maximize customer loyalty

         Increase dealer/distributor mindshare

For Human Resources:

         Recognize & retain employee

         Improve your company’s safety programs

         Wellness programs


         Learn and earn



    Can You Give Me Some Examples?


If you want to motivate a prospect to come into your showroom, a weekend getaway would be sufficient.  To motivate that prospect to buy a car, a week long resort stay would be in order.

How You Can Generate More Business with Travel Incentives

• Generate more showroom traffic

• Close more sales

• Motivate customers to extend warranties

• Avoid costly free installations

• Sign up more resellers

• Generate higher dollar volume sales

• Prompt clients to upgrade

• Increase price point of sales

• Generate referrals

• Generate more leads

• Offer closing incentives

• Add a service contract

• Increase listings

• Generate open house traffic

• Prompt referrals from complementary service providers


Award Examples

• Perfect Safety Record

• Referring a New Employee

• Resolving a Customer Complaint

• Perfect Attendance

• Reaching Performance Goals

• Extraordinary Service

• Exceeding Sales Goals

• Completing a Project By A Certain Date

• Company Event – Reward the entire team

• General closing tool

• Sales contest prizes

•Thank you gifts

• Employee rewards

• First-day buying incentives

•Two-tiered promotions


Why Not Just give Away Cash?


That's a great question! There have been many studies on this. The answer comes back the same every time. Cash is used to pay bills so it has no emotion or memory that makes your employees, dealers or customers feel appreciated. When you are rewarded with a fantastic trip you remember it for a lifetime and associate those memories with feeling appreciated.


So let's take your sales to a new level.  Motivating a group of people has always been an exciting experience for The Special Event Group to plan. Creating an incentive event does not cost your company because it is used to double or even triple your sales.  Everyone is rewarded from the sales stars to your company's bottom line. 


Here are a few incentive event ideas that are exciting motivators:


  • Ride camels and explore the Pyramids of Egypt

  • Take a hot air balloon ride to see the grand canyon

  • Play golf at a championship course with a celebrity

  • Enjoy sun, surf and swim with the dolphins in Hawaii

  • Take the ride of your life on a Dog Sled in Alaska

  • Set sail and explore the Greek Isle by foot and ship

  • Dance to the rhythms of native drums in the South Pacific



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