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Special Events

Events can be private or public, large or small, lavish or frugal. Just like meetings, events have goals and objectives, budgets, agendas and many of the other components that a meeting has. But they also take on a broader array of details and considerations.

Theme Creation
Regardless of whether the event is a one-time occurrence or if it will be held again in the future, it is imperative that the event has an identity or theme. We take great pride in our ability to think outside the box and develop creative events that deliver festive, fun, and unique experiences that not only engage, but motivate, your participants.

Site Selection
Because truly memorable events are often held at places other than hotels, conference centers, and self-contained facilities, we work diligently to find unique and exciting locales. Once the site has been chosen, we identify, negotiate with, and hire only those contractors who have proven track records.

Sponsorship Solicitation
Companies spend billions of dollars each year sponsoring meetings and events. If appropriate, we work with you to identify potential sponsors. Such sponsors gain exposure to a targeted audience while you benefit from additional funds to produce your event.

Food and Beverage Functions
We work with catering representatives to plan menus appropriate to your themed event. While meal functions can vary from simple to extravagant, coordination of your goals, objectives, timetable, and purpose become our responsibility. We work within your budgetary requirements to insure that you and the attendees receive the best quality and value.

Entertainment Procurement
If your event includes entertainment, and most do, our company will negotiate the require contracts. Moreover, we will assume responsibility for the care and accommodations of the entertainers and their entourage from start to finish.
We offer offers an experienced in-house team of eentertainment specialists who can provide you with an incredible selection of top name entertainers, comedians, singers, musical troupes, theatrical performers, orchestras--you name it!

Staffing and/or Recruitment of Volunteers
Some events require a large number of staff, and many of them will have volunteers. They may be volunteers from within your company or organization or they may be drawn from the local community. Because such persons are critical to the success of the event, The Special Event Group will provide solid training to each of them. We take care of the staff so that they can take care of your event!

Accounting Services
We will develop and communicate a detailed set of billing instructions to all suppliers during the pre-trip operation stage of the program. During the program itself, our on-site staff will oversee and monitor all billing on a daily basis. Upon the program's completion, we will gather all final billings from the suppliers, review the charges, and compile the data into a single but concise reconciliation.






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